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Books can be picked up and returned

at the quarterly meetings


Advanced Pattern Book (Raffia)   McFarland, J

All Made By Hand   Arnold, James

Antique Baskets and Basketry   Thompson, F

Apache Indian Baskets   Tanner, C L

Art of Hair Work   Campbell, P

Art of Pine Needle Basketry   Land, M

Baleen Basketry   Lee, Molly

Bamboo 2001   Fujinuma, N

Bamboo Basketry   Sugita, J

Bamboo Catalog   Fujinuma, N

Basic Pine Needle Basketry   Mulford, Judy

Basic Pine Needle Basketry, copy 2   Mulford, Judy

Basket Book   Siler, Lyn

Basket Book, copy 2   Siler. Lyn

Basket Collectors Book   Larason, Lew

Basket Collectors Book   Larason, Lew copy 2

Basket Weaving : Plus   Leisure Time Pub

Basketmaker in Rural Japan   Cort, LA and Nakamura, K

Basketmaker in Rural Japan, copy 2   Cort, LA and Nakamura, K

Basketmaker's Art   Pulleyn, R

Basketmaker's Baskets   Siler, Lyn

Basketmaker's Odyssey   Siler, Lyn

Basketmaking in Ireland  Hogan, J

Basketry   Christopher, F J

Basketry Book   DeLeon, S

Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains    Stephenson, S H

Basketry Projects From Baskets to Grass Slippers    Sekijima, H

Basketry Today   Meilach, Dona Z,

Basketry Today With Materials From Nature   Meilach, D Z and Menagh, D

Basketry, copy 2   Christopher, F J

Baskets as Textile Art   Rossbach, Ed

Baskets in Polynesia   Arbeit, Wendy

Baskets in Polynesia, copy 2   Arbeit, Wendy

Baskets, A Book for Makers and Collectors   Sudduth, B R

Baskets, Traditional and Beyond   Leier, Peters, Wallace

Best of the Basketry Express, 1985-1990   Dean, A

Best of the Basketry Express, another 1990-5   Dean, A

Book of Inspiration   Somerset

Chumash   Miller, B W

Coconut Palm Frond Weaving    Goodloe, W H

Complete Book of Baskets and Basketry    Wright, D

Complete Book of Gourd Craft    Summit, G and Widess, J

Complete Book of Gourd Craft    Summit,G and Widess, J copy 2

Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Arts    Coffland, R T

Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Arts, copy 2   Coffland, R T

Cookie's Beading Materials   Hanson, C

Craft & Art of Bamboo   Stangler, C

Craft in America Video 2007   Craft in America

Craft of Bookbinding  Banister, Mary

Craft of Hawaiian Lauhala Weaving   Bird, A, Goldsberry, S, Bird, J P K

Creative Crafts of the World   Romatka, Marily

Crocheted Wire Jewelry   Fisch, A M

Decorative Marshallese Baskets   Mulford, Judy

Decorative Marshallese Baskets, copy 2   Mulford, Judy

Earth Pigment and Paints   Campbell, P

Extraordinary in the Ordinary   Kahlenberg, M H

Fabulous Woven Jewelry   Hettmansperger, M

Fiber Basketry. Homegrown & Handmade   Richardson, H

Fibre Basketry   Richardson, H

Fine Art of California Indian Basketry   Bibby, Brian

Fragrant Basketry   Armstrong, K A

Gabrielino   Miller, B W

Gifts from the earth    TerBeest, Char

Gourd Show dvd   Dellos, Maria

Hanamusubi   Tanaka, T

Handmade Baskets  Vaughn, S.

Handmade Baskets  copy 2 Vaughn, S

Hohokam Arts and Crafts  Gronemann, B

Hopi Basket Weaving   Tiewes, H

How to Make Baskets, Book Two    Siler, L and Kemp, C

How to Make Your Own Hawaiian Musical Instruments    Hopkins, J

Indian Basket Weaving    Navajo School of Indian Basketry

Indian Basket Weaving, copy 2    Navajo School of Indian Basketry

Indian Basketry    George, W J

Indian Basketry and How to Make Baskets    George, W J

Indian Basketry of Western North America   Rozaire, C

Indian Basketry of Western North America   Rozaire, C copy 2

Indian Baskets of the Southwest    Tanner, C L

Indian Designs  Villasenor, D & J

It Will Live Forever    Ortiz, Bev

Japan Color    Tanaka, I and Koike, K

Japanese Braiding Art of Kumihimo    Carey, Jacqui

Made in Hawaii    Abernathy & Tune

Making Books By Hand    McCarthy, Mary and Manna, P

Making Gourd Dolls & Spirit Figures    Summit, G and Widess, J

Measure of the Earth    Cole-Ware Collection

Modern Approach to Basketry    Meilach, Dona Z

Native American Basketry of So Cal   Riverside Museum Press

Natural Basketry    Hart, C and D

Needle Laces   Kliot, J&K

News Basket, v 4 no 3   LaPlantz, S

News Basket, v 4 no 5   LaPlantz, S

North American Indian Masks   Smith & Hazen

Orientations    Feb 1999magazine

Pacific Basket Makers   1981 Symposium

Papago Indians and Their Basketry   DeWald, T

Paper Card Book   Kerr, L

Pima and His Basket    Breazeale, J F

Pima Indian Basketry   Cain, H

Pine Needle Basketry    Milliken, L L

Pine Needle Basketry    Mallow, Judy

Pine Needle Basketry   copy 2  Mallow, Judy 

Pine Needle Basketry - Basic   Salisbury, Kumi  (Japanese language)

Pine Needle Craft    Walsh, V

Pine Needle Raffia Basketry   McFarland, J

Pine Needle Raffia Basketry copy 2  McFarland, J

Pine Needle Raffia Basketry Advance Pattern Book

McFarland, J

Pine Needles to Baskets    Fisher, Kay

Plaited Basketry : The Woven Form   LaPlantz, S

Pomo Indian Basketry   Barrett, S A

Power of Limits   Doczi, Gyorgy

Practical Basket Making   James, G W

Practical Basket Making, copy 2   George, W J

Precious Cargo    Bibby, Brian

Progressive Quilts  Segawa, Setsuko

Pueblo Crafts   Underhill

Raffia Hat Making   Fennell, Ann

Raffia Hats and Bags   Fennel, A

Raffia Hats, Bags & Baskets    Doyle, L

Rattan Weaving    Japanese Language Book

Rattan Weaving 2    Japanese Language Book

Reflections of Culture    Potter, B B

Row Upon Row Sea Grass Baskets   Rosengarten, D.

Row Upon Row Sea Grass Baskets copy 2    Rosengarten, D.

Skilled Work Renwick Gallery   National Museum of American Art

Splint Woven Basketry   Daugherty, Robin Taylor

Sugita Jyozan catalog   Sugita, J

Tarahumara     Fontana, B

Teneriffe Lace    Kliot, J&K

Teneriffe Lace, Designs and Instructions    Dakota Prairie Treasures

Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques   D'Harcourt, R

Tradition and Innovation    Bates, C D and Lee, M J

Traditions in Transition    Mauldin, B

Twining Cedar: Annette Island  Tsimshian Basket Weaving

Weaving a Legacy   Dean, Ratcheson, Finger, Daus

Weaving With Cane and Reed   Kroncke, G

Weaving With Coconut Palm   Stevenson, G B

Weaving With Reeds and Fibers   Tod, O G and Benson, O H

Weaving With Reeds and Fibers, copy 2    Tod, O G and Benson, O H

What Are Fronds For?   Arbeit, Wendy

What Are Fronds For? Copy 2    Arbeit, Wendy

Wheat Weaving and Straw Craft  Owens-Celli, M G

Wild Brothers of the Indians   Wesche, A.

Willow Basketry of the Amana Colonies    Schanz, J E




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