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Our mission is the encouragement of the ancient skills of basketmaking in a traditional sense and in new ways to create vessels of use and display. Through the society of basketmakers new skills and traditions are passed on to the next generation.



The Los Angeles Basketry Guild was formed on September 14, 1985, around a campfire at Judy Mulford’s First Annual Kern River Pine Needle Basketry Campout Retreat. Judy’s vision for the Guild is reflected in the Guild’s motto: “educate, encourage, enjoy.” More specifically, the goal is to share the knowledge and love of basketry, to encourage others not only to create baskets but also to grow as people, and to establish bonds of friendship among the members of the basketry community.

The first quarterly newsletter, written by Judy, was sent out in October 1985 to a membership of 30. The first semi-annual meeting was held on September 21, 1986, at Judy’s Los Angeles home. By then the membership had risen to 90, now it is well over 250.

During the first 14 years, Judy ran the Guild almost single-handedly. At the twice-yearly meetings hosted at Judy’s home, there were speakers and mini-basketry workshops. The quarterly newsletters, which Judy produced with the assistance of her friend Sydney Edwards, were filled with local and national basketry news, information on basket classes, shows and sales, material sources, field trips, and other basketry related information.

In addition, the Guild held yearly retreats with Judy first assisted by Betz Salmont and later by Suzanne Smith. By October 1999, it was time for change. The first of those changes was to move the Guild meetings to a new home, the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. And, as the year 2000 approached, Judy decided it was time to step down from her position of overseeing the Guild. It was time for others to take responsibility for the Guild so it could continue to grow, mature, and endure. The Guild is now in the capable hands of an executive committee composed of the following positions: Director, Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chairman, Membership Chairman, Web Master , 2 Members at Large.

The semi-annual meetings continue with speakers and mini workshops and are now held at Beach Cities Health District in Redondo Beach, and have been supplemented by field trips to museums and other basketry-related venues. The quarterly newsletter is going as strong as ever, and is now offered on line as well as a printed edition. The annual retreats, which had been discontinued, have been reinstated and are now held every other year




Approved October 14, 2023



The name of this nonprofit organization is Los Angeles Basketry Guild.


  • The purpose of this organization is:

  • To stimulate interest in basketry by perpetuation of and education in the art of basketry

  • To educate the general public on the historic value and heritage relating to basketry

  • To promote conservation of natural materials

  • To support and encourage our members to be quality basket makers.

  • Restrictions on activities:

  • Money shall not be distributed to officers, directors, or other private persons except as authorized by the organization to pay compensation for services rendered and for the furtherance of the purposes set forth above.

  • No substantial part of the activities shall be lobbying or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.

  • The organization shall not participate in any political campaign for public office.

  • All activities will be permitted as stated in the Internal Revenue Code.


  • All basket makers and basket lovers aged 18 years and older are eligible to join.

  • Class of membership is individual.

  • The Board sets membership dues.



Position Responsibilities


  • Presides over quarterly board and member meetings

  • Writes a President’s message for each quarterly newsletter 

  • Manages day-to-day operations for guild activities

  • Signs documents on behalf of guild as required

  • Oversees and assists with other positions when needed

  • Authorized signer on guild bank account

  • Administrator for LABG Facebook Group Page

Vice President

  • Presides over meetings if President is absent

  • Handles tasks on behalf of President when necessary

  • Assists with other positions when needed

  • Manages Grab Bag Table and Opportunity Drawings/Raffles at meetings

  • Authorized signer on guild bank account

  • Administrator for LABG Facebook Group Page


  • Records minutes of all meetings

  • Submits minutes for publication in newsletter

  • Maintains guild records

  • Authorized signer on guild bank account

  • Administrator for LABG Facebook Group Page


  • Receives and disburses funds

  • Keeps up to date financials records

  • Primary authorized signer on guild bank account

  • Reports income and expenses at quarterly Board meetings

  • Reports annual income and expenses at February member meeting for prior year 

  • Files annual Federal and State taxes

  • Maintains guild insurance

Membership Director

  • Maintains membership roster

  • Distributes quarterly newsletter by email to current members

  • Distributes special announcements and basketry related correspondences to current members by email on a periodic basis as needed.

Hospitality Director

  • Ensures tables/chairs are set up prior to start of in-person meetings and workshops

  • Manages coffee/tea availability during in-person events

  • Handles sign-in log and name tags at member meetings

  • Greets new people at meetings to ensure they feel welcome 

Newsletter Editor

  • Gatherings photos, write ups and other information to be included in quarterly newsletters

  • Publishes electronic newsletter in PDF format for emailing to current members


  • Updates and maintains all aspects of guild website including meeting dates/location; information on upcoming workshops/events; guild contacts; membership applications; etc.

  • Administrator for LABG Facebook Group Page


  • Stores guild basketry books

  • Maintains list of all guild books

  • Oversees checkout & returns of guild books

Social Media Director

  • Primary Administrator for LABG Facebook Group Page

  • Updates guild events

  • Oversees posts to ensure content is basketry related

  • Manages Zoom meetings

  • Takes photos at guild events for posting on social media and inclusion in quarterly newsletter

Programs Director

  • Coordinates instructors for quarterly mini workshops for member meetings

  • Oversees tasks related to in-town workshops

  • Manages arrangements for retreats

  • Collects materials fees for instructors at events

Members at Large

(up to 5 people)

  • Participates in Board and Member meetings

  • Assists Officers and Board members with tasks related to guild and scheduled events


  • Elected Officers include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The duration of an officer’s term is two years.

  • Voting is carried out at the Fall meeting and requires a majority of attending members.

  • Newly elected officers take office on January 1 of the subsequent year.

  • Executive Board Members must be in good standing including up to date membership dues.

  • Current members may serve more than one position.

  • A nominating committee, appointed by the President shall select one or more nominees for each elected office.  The nominees must be members of the Guild and willing to serve.

  • Voting is carried out at the fall meeting and requires a majority of the attending members.

  • Newly elected officers take office on January 1 of the subsequent year.


  • Membership meetings are held four times a year, once per quarter.

  • Board meetings are held once near the beginning of the calendar year and as needed.

  • There are no quorum requirements for a general membership meeting.


  • Any member in good standing may recommend changes to the Bylaws by submitting them in writing to the Board.

  • Amending the bylaws requires a majority vote of the Board.


On dissolution of the Guild, the net assets shall be distributed to any basket or art related cause, as determined by the Board.

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