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2023 Meeting Dates

  August 12, Saturday

  November 11, Saturday

August 12 Saturday

There will be a free grab bag drawing (feel free to bring donations) including lots of reed and pine needles ! We will also have another silent auction. Bring something to share for Show and Tell because we draw inspiration from each other. No potluck, so please bring your own bag lunch and drinks. Our mini-workshop will be announced soon.

Meetings are at 11:00 am.

Please bring your own lunch :)

Joslyn Park

633 Kensington Rd

Santa Monica, 90405


Board members you can contact by clicking on their address :


Jennifer Tang-Limon .... Director

Judy Robelotto .... Membership


Janice Champion .... Secretary

Nina Lowy ..... Treasurer


Aviva Weiner Fontes .... Library/Web/Newsletter                                


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