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2023 Meeting Dates

Please note new date !!

  November 18, Saturday

11:00 am to 3:00 pm

We will have our annual necklace/small basket exchange at this meeting. Bring something lovely to give, receive something lovely to keep. There will also be a free grab bag drawing (please bring whatever you would like to donate !) Also, please bring something to share for Show and Tell because we draw inspiration from each other. No potluck, so  bring your own bag lunch and drinks. We will have instant coffee and tea available :)

Our mini-workshop will be announced soon :)

Joslyn Park

633 Kensington Rd

Santa Monica, 90405


Pegg Matthewson

will be offering classes through LABG and MWG&BG !!!

October 28 and 29 El Cajon

November 4 and 5 Los Angeles

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      for complete information !!!

           Board Members you can reach by email :





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