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Los Angeles Basketry Guild Retreat...REGISTER NOW!

WHEN: March 30, 31 and April 1, 2012
WHERE: Camp Stevens in Julian, CA (www.campstevens.org)
COST: $300.00 plus materials fee; $320.00 for non Guild members (includes 1 year membership to the LABG)
DEPOSIT: $50.00 non-refundable check made out to: Los Angeles Basketry Guild

Classes are limited to 12 students

Quilted Vessels: Experiments in Building with Fabric and Collage

Instructor: Kay Khan

Artists should often suspend judgment and indulge in play. In this workshop we'll do that. We'll experiment with ways to create a heavily worked surface by stitching together layers of fabric, paper, and felt using machine and hand quilting, drawing, and collage. We'll find ways to embellish and build up the surface that will simultaneously add structure. The goal is to create a flexible but strong working material - thick with imagery, thick in layers - which we can then cut, fold, and stitch to create three dimensional forms. We will make a paper pattern, cut sections from the working material we create, bind the edges, and then build small vessels.

Material Fee/Student Materials list: to be determined but sewing machines (brought by each student) will be beneficial for this workshop.

Shifu: Spun Paper

Instructor: Jennifer Falck Linssen

This hands-on two-day workshop introduces participants to the ancient Japanese technique of shifu-spun paper. You will learn to prepare sheets of paper for spinning, the traditional and contemporary methods of painting papers for shifu, using a drop spindle for spinning paper, playing and cordage production, embellishing pre, mid and post-spin, and an overview and discussion of textile off loom techniques for utilizing kami-ito (paper thread) such as twining, coiling, plaiting, knotting, netting, hooking, embroidery, bookbinding and braiding. Dip dying with indigos (facilities permitting) will be included. The workshop will include a small project on creating a Furin a Japanese summer wind chime.

Skill Level: it is beneficial to have some basketry and drop-spindle spinning but not necessary.

Material Fee: $50.00 Student Materiall list upon registration or inquiry.

Contemporary Cedar Bark

Instructor: Dawn Walden

This workshop introduces participants to handling cedar bark and cedar roots with traditional and contemporary techniques. You can make this basket with or without a mould. The class covers two and three strand twining, twill beginning on bottom, cross warp, splitting roots for rims. Surfacing technique is simple and can be finished outside the workshop. Detailed photo instructions are provided. Dawn Walden is a Native American with extensive knowledge using cedar bark and roots.

Skill Level: All; Material Fee: $40.00

To reserve your space send a $50.00 non-refundable deposit (payable to LABG) to: Suzye Ogawa 1430 Stone Gate St, Monterey Park, Ca 91754 Please include contact information with your deposit!

For additional questions or information contact: Suzye Ogawa (310)490-3737 suzyeo@sbcglobal.net

Previous Retreat:


When: March 26-28, 2010
Where: Camp Stevens, Julian, CA
Cost: $300 members; $325 non-member (includes a 2 year guild membership)

WEATHER FOR JULIAN: Ten day forecast, includes the weekend.